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Slimming World isn’t new by any means. In fact – it was founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. Instagram, on the other hand is slightly newer and was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in October of 2010.

Slimming World food bloggers are taking over the #healthyeating hashtag and the community is growing massively. Slimming World claims it isn’t about dieting- It’s about food optimising; it’s about choosing what you eat and knowing what you’re putting in your mouth. You can still eat that DELICIOUS slice of red velvet cake; Slimming World just encourages moderation and filling up on good healthy foods and eating one slice of cake – not 6. Which sounds okay right?

I’m on a journey of my own; I want to lose weight and eat healthier for me so I can prevent things like diabetes and get rid of some health problems like sore ankles. I am very PRO Body-Positivity and would never push a diet or a way of life on anyone- I love my body (I could probably do without the aches and pains though) but just because I support the body positivity and feminist movement; that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person for wanting to lose weight. I know I could be healthier and by eating better and doing a little more body magic (exercise) I can hopefully love my body for longer by adding a couple more years onto the ever ticking body clock – and I don’t think that’s negative or “anti” anything.

However, that being said – when I started following Slimming World, I found these absolute babes on Instagram and their posts gave me new ideas for my menu and kept me going and motivated. I think they are inspirational, beautiful women and they might help motivate you as well!


Nikki is actually a Slimming World consultant and has over 50K followers on Instagram for a reason! She’s lost an incredible amount of weight and her food always looks delicious! “Diet” food doesn’t have to be boring and you can still have a Starbucks Coffee and a cookie. Slimming World isn’t about starving yourself all day so you can enjoy a milky coffee and a cake; it’s about optimizing what you eat so you can enjoy your favorite treats without feeling guilty. Her page isn’t all “food selfies” but motivational quotes, beauty treatments and she even shares a breakdown of her recipes too! – And her YouTube videos which you can find the link to in her bio. This lady has got it going on and is totally inspirational! Check her out by either clicking on her name above or on the below inset bio.




Lauren… Well Lauren is so real and down to Earth about her Slimming World journey. You don’t always “win” at Slimming World – but that’s cool because you can’t win all the time and sometimes life and various health issues can get in the way (which Lauren has shared with her 40K+ something followers) to show that everyone is human and we all have moments where our food plan is less than perfect; but you know what? That just motivates me more, sure I slipped up and I had a bad day where I didn’t optimize because I was feeling super run down – but you pick yourself up and brush yourself off and get back on the horse.. So check out her Instagram by clicking on her username above and give her a follow. Just remember that not everyone who makes an amazing transformation goes from a size 26 down to a size 8.. because everyone’s got their own health to think about and their own goals. Everyone has the ability to find their optimum in life – and we don’t have to go “Sisterhood of the travelling pants” – It’s 100% okay if we fit into different jeans.




Next on our list we have “theslimmingmama” Samantha! Holy wowzas. Samantha has lost a whopping 8st 13lbs and is now a Slimming World target member! She posts amazing #TransformationTuesday posts which will really motivate you if you’re in the “plus sized” bracket trying to do better for yourself; or for your kids as theslimmingmama shares as one of her inspirations to lose weight! She posts how she manages to food optimize and really helped me come to grips with flexi-syns and the true “optimization” that comes with adapting to a new healthy lifestyle. I kept chucking around the word “optimize” but never really registered; now I love following her blog and her instagram to keep me motivated. You can check out her own blog here; Samantha also shared with us her loss over the festive period which really helped myself and countless others realise that once you have a healthy lifestyle ingrained into your daily routine – even when tragedy hits, you have a way to keep going on and not fall off the wagon (or at least not for too long).




Daisy is quite possibly my favourite Slimming World Instagramer at the moment. She always has the most colourful and beautiful posts. I don’t know how she resists staff room treats as when the girls in the office bring in sweet treats (which the two teens next to me always do) I find it very hard to resist. Although I’m sure it’s not the aim of her game; she shows how a full time working girl (like myself) can squeeze in healthy eating and (probably) on a budget too as we all know teacher’s don’t earn the most generous of salaries considering they are practically raising the next generation! I don’t wear a hat (as my head is far too big) but if I did – I would take it off for you girl!




Last, but by no means least! this beautiful Slimmer may have slightly less followers, however their impact on mine and I’m sure many other Slimmer’s journeys has been just as great. She has lost an amazing 42.5lb so far and her updates around her job and home life. She uses batch cooking (and freezing) to help her get by which is something I myself have used in the past. Changing your lifestyle is hard enough as it is, however there are ways to make it easier for yourself and there is no reason you cannot batch cook and use frozen foods. They are still more healthy than a McDonalds!



This list is by no means extensive and does not cover all of the wonderful Slimming World ladies and gentlemen out there, however if you have any suggestions for Slimming World blogs to follow – please leave a response in the comments below! I hope anyone out there looking for inspiration and motivation finds it and achieves their goals and dreams!

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